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Hotel Buchlovice Buchlov Park
Buchlovice hotel accommodation Buchlov Park:
Hotel Buchlov Park is located under the castle Buchlov, which is one of the most visited in the Czech Republic and rises above the protected landscape area Chriby, which is in the center of microregion Buchlov. Thanks to its unique location in the middle of beautiful forests you can do many diverse activities.

Buchlov Park Buchlovice hotel accommodation:
Hotel Buchlov Park has a single room with shower, 3 double rooms with shower, bath and terrace, apartment for 4 persons, apartment for 4 - 6 people with kitchen and terrace. All rooms have accessories, TV, SAT, internet connection and a wonderful view.

Hotel accommodation Buchlovice Buchlov Park hotel restaurant:
The part of the hotel Buchlov Park is a restaurant, where they are daily available dishes of the Czech and Belgian cuisine. Choose breakfast, lunch and dinner and on demand with candles. We discharge all your special wishes. In a good weather, the possibility of sitting in a garden restaurant with a beautiful view of the castle Buchlov and surrounding meadows and forests.

Accommodation Buchlovice hotel Buchlov Park hotel services:
In the hotel Buchlov Park there is available to the guests a sauna and whirlpool, garden restaurante, court, conference room and lounge, where you can organize different kinds of celebrations. In the free time you can use the swimming pool, or horse riding, fishing, cycling and for demanding sightseeing flights by balloon.

Buchlov Park hotel accommodation Buchlovice Buchlov Castle:
Buchlov Castle - hills Buchlov, "Modal" with the chapel of St. Barbara and "Holy" hill belongs to the dominance of "Slovacko". Not for nothing two of the these hills were already populated in prehistoric times. On the Modla are preserved remnants of fortifications from the Lusatian urn fields and the time "latenska" while on the hill Holy from the time "halstatska". The beginnings of the castle date back to 1 half of the 13th century. It was founded by king as a strategically defensive fort and the administrative center with the jurisdiction and the hunting law.
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